Switching between views

When you're logged in as an administrator on your Wild Apricot site, you may want to see what a certain page looks like from the perspective of a member. To do this, you can switch between administrative view and public view.

You may also want to view the site from the perspective of a visitor who is not a member or contact.

Switching to public view

To switch from administrative view to public view, click the Public view link in the upper right corner of your Wild Apricot screen.

The pages, fields, members, links, events, and blogs that are visible to you will depend on the membership level of your administrative account.
Administrators can be members but don't have to be.

Switching to admin view

To switch from public view to administrative view, click the Admin view button in the upper right corner.

This option will only appear if you are logged in with an administrative account. For more information on administrative accounts, see Site administrators.

You will be returned to the last page you were on before you switched to public view.

Switching to non-member view

To view your site from the perspective of a visitor who is not logged in as a member or contact, simply log out of your account from either admin view or public view.

To log out, click the Log out link or icon. In admin view, the Log out option appears within the Account menu in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Where the Log out link appears in public view depends on the layout of your site.

Once you log out, you will see your site as a non-member does. Member-only pages will not appear.

Displaying admin view and public view simultaneously

You can simultaneously display your site in both admin view and public view in separate browser windows by opening one of the windows in Incognito mode (Google Chrome), InPrivate Browsing mode (Internet Explorer), or Private Browsing mode (Safari).

Firefox cannot currently display both regular and private browsing windows at the same time.

Member view limitations

While logged in as a member in public view, you cannot preview Wild Apricot widgets embedded on other sites.

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