What you need to know about Finances

  • Wild Apricot includes a Finances module, which you can use to track invoices generated by your organization, as well as payments collected, and refunds issued. To display the Finances module, click the Finances menu.
  • Most transactions on your Wild Apricot site (e.g. membership applications and renewals, event registrations) automatically generate an invoice. The exception is donations, which do not involve invoices.
  • There are two types of invoices: automatic and manual. Automatic invoices are generated by the system, while manual invoices are generated by an administrator.
  • There are two types of payments recorded in Wild Apricot: online payments, such as credit card payments, and manual or offline payments, for payments like check, cash, or wire transfer.
  • You can choose to accept online payments as well as manual payments, or just handle all payments manually.
  • You can set up sales taxes (applied on top of your prices) or VAT (included in your prices) and apply them to membership invoices, event invoices, and manual invoices (but not donations).
  • Your financial history (formerly called the audit log) records all the key financial transactions on your account, including deletions and refunds.

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