System pages

System pages are pages that are automatically displayed by WildApricot, or by the gadgets that appear on your site pages. They perform routine functions such as authentication and event registration.

You can customize system pages by adding gadgets to the page, or modifying existing content gadgets. For example, you can customize the event details page with side columns or gadgets such as the upcoming events gadget. Or, you could make the Page not found error page a little more interesting, and add a link to your sitemap.

Like site pages, system pages are based on page templates, and can contain layouts and gadgets. System pages do not appear on your website menu and cannot be deleted.

Available system pages

The following system pages are available:

Access denied (403)Error page displayed when access to the requested page is denied/Sys/Error/403
Add member to bundleForm to add member to membership bundle/Sys/AddBundleMember
Anonymous payment profileForm to allow existing contact to make a payment (e.g. event registration fee) without logging in/Sys/Profile/Anonymous
Authorization requiredLogin message and form to access restricted page/Sys/Login
Blog postForm to add, edit, and view blog posts/[pageID]/AddPost
Change passwordForm for logged in user to change password/Sys/Password/Change
Contact profileContact profile as it appears to the contact ("My Profile")/Sys/Profile
Email memberForm to email member from member directory profile/Sys/PublicProfile/SendEmail/[userID]
Event detailsDisplays event details and registration options for individual events/event-[eventID]
Event registration
Form to register for a particular event
Financial document
Displays details of an invoice, payment, refund, or donation within the Invoices and payments screen of a contact's profile
/Sys/FinDocument/[document ID]
Forum topic
Form to view, create, edit, and reply to forum topics
Member public profile
Member profile as it appears to others
Membership level change
Form for member to switch to a different membership level
Membership renewal
Form for member to renew membership
Online store cart
The shopping cart screen that forms part of the online store
Online store checkout
The Contact, Delivery, and Confirmation screens that appear when a customer is checking out their order from your online store
Online store product
The product details screen that appears when a visitor to your online store clicks on a product within the catalog
Page not found (404)
Error page displayed when requested page does not exist or is not available
Poll details
The description and questions for a poll or survey
Reset password
Form accessible via email link to change password
Reset password request
Form to request email containing reset password link
Site search results
Results from a site search
Terms of use
Terms, rules, and contractual conditions to be accepted before logging in
Unsubscribe from emails
Form to confirm request to unsubscribe from emails

Modifying system pages

You can modify system pages as you would edit individual web pages. Within each system page, you can divide the page into sections by adding layouts, and insert gadgets to perform specialized functions or display custom content.

Each system page includes a system gadget that performs a critical function. You cannot directly modify or delete the system gadget, but you can modify or insert other gadgets on the system page. For example, when modifying the Terms of use system page, you can change the title and add text or other content, but you cannot directly modify the Terms of use system gadget.

To modify a system page, follow these steps:

  1. Select Website from the admin sidebar menu.
  2. Select System pages from the top menu.
  3. Select the page you want to modify from the System pages sidebar menu.
  4. Click Edit in the top left corner of the screen.
  5. Modify the page settings. For more information, see Using the content editor.
  6. Click Save.

Modifying system pages displaying blue boxes

If a system page is unable to display its content – for example, an event details page whose content would vary depending on the event – it will instead display a blue box with an explanation of the kind of content the page would normally display.

You can add your own content above, below, or beside the blue box, but take care not to add content – such as a title – that is already displayed by the system gadget.

Some system pages may display a blue box in place of content depending on the type of administrator who is currently logged in. For example, the Add member to bundle system page will display a blue box if the administrator is not a bundle administrator. Similarly, the Email member and Member public profile system pages will display blue boxes if the administrator doesn't have a public profile.

If you want to modify a system page while seeing actual data in place of the blue box, you can go to Site pages (under the Website menu) and click the appropriate menu option within the page preview to display the page containing the system page. For example, to see actual content while modifying the Blog post system page, display a page with a blog gadget then click the Add post button. You can now modify the system page with a better idea of how it will really look.

Changing the page template

Like site pages, system pages are based on page templates. Within the page settings editor, you can choose a different page template from the Page template drop-down list.

System gadget settings

Using the system gadget's settings, you can control its appearance. To display the system gadget settings, position your pointer over the system gadget then click the settings icon.

Within the Advanced section, you can enter CSS code or classes to further control the appearance and behavior of a gadget. You can also use CSS in the same way to control the appearance of layouts and placeholders. To display the advanced settings, click the triangle beside the Advanced heading.


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