Request a job board for your WildApricot website


Personify's Job Board is a great way to increase your organization's revenue and online presence while expanding your customer and member engagement.

Important NoteTo add a job board to your WildApricot website, you must be enrolled in one of our paid subscription plans. To upgrade from a trial account to a paid subscription, book a call with a WildApricot Coach.

Submit the free application

To request a free job board for your website, follow the steps below.

In the admin view, select Apps from the sidebar menu and click Job Board

When prompted, click Submit a free application

After your application is processed, a team member will begin creating your new job board. Watch for an email from WildApricot with the following subject line:

Subject: Your new job board has been created!

This important email will provide the link to your new job board when it's ready to go.


For all the latest information about Personify's Job Board (powered by MemberClicks, another Personify brand), check out the help articles available in the Job Board help center.


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