System email recipients

You can configure your automated email settings so that certain contacts receive copies of system emails.

For example, you might want your event manager to automatically receive copies of event registration notifications, and your membership manager to get membership-related notifications.

Note: Be careful when specifying your system email recipients to ensure that copies of confidential emails are not sent to unintended recipients.

To specify system email recipients, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Settings and select System email recipients.
  2. Locate the category of emails that you would like copied to certain recipients. Under each category, you can designate the roles that should receive copies of those emails. You can also provide recipient email addresses, separated by commas, in the Custom recipient email(s) field. 

These email addresses do not have to be in your WildApricot database. The System email recipient setting allows a maximum of 25 email recipients per category, including custom email addresses and designated roles.

Note: The Organization email is the main contact email address for your WildApricot account. To change the email address for this setting, navigate to Account > Organization within the Admin view.


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