Website basics

Much like a jigsaw puzzle, where pieces fit together to form a complete picture, websites are composed of different key elements that come together to create an online representation of your organization. 

This page provides a simplified look at the building blocks of a WildApricot website. 

The overall look and feel of your website depends on the website theme you choose.

System pages
System pages perform routine functions, such as authentication and event registration.

Site pages
Site pages are the individual pages that you can customize and design as part of your overall website.

Page templates
Page templates form the foundation for individual website pages. Each site page uses a template for its basic structure.

Page layouts
Each page template has a prebuilt page layout with placeholder sections where you can add gadgets that perform functions on your website page. You can also create page templates with customized layouts of your own design.

Gadgets display content, such as text and pictures, or provide dynamic functionality, such as blogs, membership application forms, and login boxes. Gadgets are added to page layouts in the website page editor.

Ready to get started? Check out our Website setup checklist.


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