How do I archive a newsletter to our web site?

Wild Apricot does not provide an option to archive a newsletter or other manual email by creating an online version of the message. However, you can create one yourself by following these steps:  

  1. Create your email and send it only to yourself. 
  2. Save the email as an email template by opening the message within the email log and clicking the Save as template button.
  3. Within the menu bar on the left, click Settings then click the Files option under Your account.
  4. From the File management screen, expand the EmailTemplates folder and select the subfolder with the name of the email template you just created. 
  5. Within the email template folder, right click over the index_preview.html file and select the Properties option.
  6. Copy the portion of the file location beginning with /resources and ending with index_preview.html.
  7. Return to the email log and open the email you sent to yourself.
  8. Click the Save as new email button. 
  9. Within your email message, enter some link text. You could, for example, have the link text read "Having trouble viewing this message?". 
  10. Select your link text then click the Link icon and select the Insert link option.
  11. In the Website URL or email field, paste the file location you copied earlier then click Insert link.
  12. Select the recipients for your message, then review and send it.

You can also create an email archive page, then create a new email template for each email, and link to each of them from the archive page. 


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