Organization details


On the Organization details screen, you can view or modify details about your account, including organization name, time zone, and account owner details. 

Note: Only full account administrators can update organization details.

To view your organization details, select Account from the admin sidebar menu and Organization from the top menu.

Organization name

This is the name that will be used in all locations where your organization is referenced, including system emails, and browser page tabs.

Organization email

Your Organization email address is the default email address to which WildApricot sends all administrative emails. You can also add other email addresses to the System email recipients list. 

The Organization email address also receives all replies to automated emails, even if a different sender email address is displayed on the message as the From email

Note: You can modify this default email setting for events. If you specify an event organizer's email instead of the organization email in the specific event's email settings, then the event organizer's email will be used as the recipient email address for replies related to that event.

From email

The From email is the email address that is displayed to recipients. When a recipient replies to the email, the Organization email address will receive the reply. 

When you send an email manually, you can specify a different Reply to address in the email editor.

If you have a custom domain, you can set the From email address to be formatted using your custom domain name. 

To use your custom domain as your From email address with WildApricot, your custom domain must be set as Primary in your WildApricot Domain name management settings. 

See Add your custom domain to WildApricot for details.

Important Note about using a custom domain for your From email address: New email-processing regulations from Google and Yahoo require that your custom domain DNS records include SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records. Please reference our article, Emailing from a custom domain for details.

Email settings


Email tracking allows you to monitor who opens your emails and which links they click on. Regardless of the general tracking option you select, you can enable or disable tracking for individual emails.


This setting allows you to enable or disable the opt-in mechanism so that contacts can expressly provide their consent to receive emails from your organization. This is a key component in complying with anti-spam legislation, particularly the Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL).

Time and date settings

Time zone

Daylight Savings Time is handled automatically based on your location.

Date format

Select the formatting for dates displayed on your WildApricot site.

Time format

You can customize the way time is displayed on your WildApricot site. Choose a 12-hour format (with AM and PM) or a 24-hour format.


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