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Policies that address how your organization handles data privacy, cookies, terms of use, refunds, and shipping are vital aspects of maintaining an effective digital presence. In addition, ensuring that these policies are visible and accessible on your website is crucial for compliance with global laws governing online privacy and commerce.

Important Note: As the software provider powering your website, WildApricot implements security measures to safeguard your database information and to protect the security of payment transactions handled through your website.

However, it is important that your organization creates and publishes your own policies regarding the way your data is handled by your organization and how users should interact on your website.

What policies to publish on your website

Pro Tip: If your organization already has these policies, you can add them as-is to your website without needing to use a third-party service like Termly.

The following articles provide guidance and information about each type of policy your organization should make available on your WildApricot website:

Use Termly to create your policies

Termly offers tools to help you create and manage your organization's policies. As a WildApricot customer, you have special access to discounted rates from Termly.

Pro Tip: If your organization has already written policies that address online presence and digital privacy, you can add them as-is to your website without needing to use a third-party service like Termly.
To learn how, view How to publish policies on your website, below.

With a Termly account, you can use Termly's policy generators to create your policies and add them to your website with an HTML gadget, a code snippet, or a URL.

How to publish policies on your website

The following articles provide guidance on ways to make your policies visible and accessible to your website users:

  • Upload your policies to the Files feature of your account
  • Create a Policy Center for your website
  • Add links to your policies in your website footer 
  • Create consent fields with links to each policy
  • Create a Termly account with a special discount for WildApricot customers and add your policies to your website with custom code provided by Termly
  • Add a cookie consent banner to your website with Termly*
    *Add https://app.termly.io to your account's JavaScript whitelist to ensure the cookie consent banner will appear on your website.

Tracking consent

For tips and guidance on tracking and managing user consent for your policies, view Consent management

Get help from a pro

Need help creating your policies or publishing them on your website?

Our Partner Network can assist you. Visit the WildApricot Partner Network directory and select Website customization from the Services menu to view a list of consultants you can contact directly for help.

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