How is the price for a text message campaign calculated?

WildApricot's text messaging system estimates the campaign price by multiplying the price per message by the number of recipients you have selected to receive the message. Contacts without valid phone numbers in your database are not included in the estimate.

Important reminders

  • WildApricot's Text messaging service can only send text/SMS messages to contacts listed in your WildApricot database who have provided a valid mobile phone number (through a database contact field) and who have indicated consent to receive text/SMS messages from your organization (through a consent field).
  • Billing for the Text Messaging service is separate and different from the billing for your WildApricot subscription plan. You must apply for a Text Messaging account and provide credit card billing information for that account. Text Messaging is not bundled with any WildApricot subscription plan.


Initial registration of your SMS messaging account

$30 one-time fee

Dedicated virtual phone number

$6 monthly fee

Price per message*

$0.04 per recipient, charged monthly

After the system has sent all messages, it calculates the final campaign price by multiplying the actual number of recipients by the price per message.

Factors that may affect the final price

  • Message length
    • If your message exceeds the maximum character limit (160), the system will split it into smaller messages and then merge them back together on the recipient's phone. In this case, the campaign price will be higher because each smaller message is billed as a separate message. For a deeper dive into pricing for long SMS messages, please view Prices for text messages.
  • Macros in the content
    • The final message length may increase, and the message may have to be sent as two messages, if it includes macros that are replaced with content that pushes the message length over the character limit (160). 


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