Troubleshooting browser issues

Third-party cookies

Recent changes in the way common browsers handle third-party cookies might cause errors in the way your website functions.

Due to these recent changes, third-party cookies may be newly disabled by default. You may have to change your browser settings to avoid experiencing limited functionality in WildApricot's websites and widgets.

Google has provided the following information for Chrome users:

As you browse the web, third-party cookies will be restricted by default, limiting the ability to track you across different websites.

If a site doesn’t work without third-party cookies and Chrome notices you’re having issues — like if you refresh a page multiple times — we’ll prompt you with an option to temporarily re-enable third-party cookies for that website from the eye icon on the right side of your address bar.

For a deeper dive on Google's recent changes to how Chrome handles third-party cookies, please view Google's article, Phasing out Third-Party Cookies in Chrome.

Developers may be interested in also viewing Google's Privacy Sandbox Timeline.

How to enable third-party cookies

In Chrome, you can re-enable third-party cookies by clicking the eye icon in the right side of your browser's address bar. For more information, view Google's help article.

To enable third-party cookies in Safari, view Enable cookies in Safari on mac.

Important Note: If you've embedded WildApricot widgets on another website, to that site must have third-party cookies enabled in their browser for the widgets to work. 

Clear your cache

Many website problems can be solved by clearing your browser cache. This is particularly helpful after major releases.
To clear your browser's cache, view the following articles for help:

Check your browser extensions

Problems loading your WildApricot site can sometimes be caused by incompatible browser extensions. Try turning off extensions one at a time to see if incompatibility may be an issue.

Instructions for managing browser extensions: 


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