Personify's Job Board + WildApricot: An Introduction


Personify's Job Board is a great way to increase your organization's revenue and online presence while expanding your customer and member engagement.

If you are enrolled in any paid subscription plan with WildApricot, you are eligible for a free Personify Job Board as an add-on feature. To get help with upgrading your trial account to a paid WildApricot subscription plan, book a call with a WildApricot Coach.

This page provides a general overview and links to resources about Personify's Job Board. 

To request a free job board for your WildApricot website, follow these steps.

What is Personify's Job Board?

Personify's Job Board is powered by MemberClicks, another Personify brand. This relationship allows for Job Board's seamless integration with your WildApricot website.

An integrated job board provides an opportunity to grow revenue for your organization by charging fees to businesses that post open positions on it. In addition, a job board can become a great resource for your members and can draw new visitors to your WildApricot website.

You can offer free postings on your job board as a membership benefit or offer members a discounted rate to post. You have total control over the fees you charge.


  • Easy administration: Our simplified solution allows for a hands-off approach for administrators. No more manually posting jobs!
  • Immediate results for employers: Jobs are automatically displayed on your board within seconds of posting, so employers instantly see the value you offer.
  • Mobile responsiveness: The Job Board is personalized for your organization and responds to all screen sizes for a seamless experience across all devices.
  • Smooth integration: The Job Board integrates with your WildApricot contact database so you can easily manage member and non-member job postings.


There's no annual, monthly, or setup cost for the job board. Personify's Job Board uses a revenue share model. Your organization keeps 70% of the revenue generated through your job board, and Personify keeps 30%. For details, see our article on Tracking job board revenue.

Note: All Job Board revenue-share transactions are processed in US dollars (USD).


How do I get started?
To request a job board add-on for your WildApricot website, select Apps from the sidebar menu in the Admin view of your account, then click Job Board. Click Submit a free application on the popup. For a step-by-step guide, view our 
help article.

Where can I see an example?
View Personify's demo job board.

Who actually posts the jobs?
Employers can post their own jobs directly to the board on your website. As a Job Board administrator, you can also manage your own job board.

How do we receive the revenue earned by our job board?
Personify pays you quarterly for your portion (70%) of the revenue earned. You will receive an email at the end of the quarter with instructions on how to sign up to receive payments electronically. If you prefer to receive a paper check in the mail, you can disregard the email. For details, see our article on Tracking your job board revenue.


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