Financial history

Your financial history records all the key financial transactions on your account, including:

  • the creation of invoices and receipts
  • the processing, modification, or deletion of payments, and
  • the issuing of refunds.

Financial history was previously known as the audit log.

The primary purpose of your financial history is for troubleshooting – to help you figure out why a particular transaction took place.

You cannot delete entries from your financial history.

Viewing your financial history

To view your financial history, hover over the Finances menu and select the Financial history option.

For each entry in your financial history, the following information is displayed:

The date and time the activity was recorded. The date and time are displaying using the timezone defined in your organization details.

Name and email of contact associated with the transaction.

Type of transaction that triggered the entry.

A summary of the transaction that took place.

There is no limit on the number of transactions that can be stored in your financial history. There is a limit of 50,000 on the number of transactions that can be retrieved and displayed at any one time. To view any additional transactions, you can apply a date filter or another filter to narrow down the search.

Filtering your financial history

Your financial history can be filtered by date, by transaction type, or by entering a search keyword.

To filter the history by date, select a predefined date range from the Select range drop down, or enter the start and end dates of the range in the two date fields to the right. In either case, click the Apply button to apply the date filter.

To filter the history by transaction type, click the Filter drop-down and select the type of transaction you want to view.

If you want to view transactions for a particular contact, you can enter their name or email address, or any other identifier, in the Search field.

You can also view financial history entries for a particular contact by clicking the Financial transactions link from their contact record.

Viewing entry details

To view details for a particular financial history entry, click on the entry within the log.


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