Version 4.6 release

Released on August 27, 2013

The version 4.6 release of Wild Apricot includes the following features.

Wild Apricot API

An API – Application Programming Interface – has been set up to allow you to create programs that automatically retrieve data from your Wild Apricot database. The retrieved data can then be backed up, used to update another database, displayed on a web page, or passed onto another program for further processing or reporting.

For example, you could use Wild Apricot's API to:

  • Create an Excel file that retrieves all your contacts with a single click and automatically generates a report or a chart.
  • Add code to a desktop database like Access or FileMaker that would regularly check your Wild Apricot account for new or updated records and automatically download them.
  • Automatically retrieve and store backup copies of your Wild Apricot contact database on a regular basis.
  • Display a specially formatted list of your contacts on your Wild Apricot site – if Wild Apricot's member directory widget is not customizable enough for your needs.
Using API calls to retrieve data from Wild Apricot databases requires significant programming knowledge. If you want to take advantage of this functionality but lack the technical knowledge, you can engage the services of an approved Wild Apricot partner.

To help get you started with Wild Apricot's API, we have provided a sample Excel file that uses API calls to download contact records and other information from a Wild Apricot account. The Excel file provides parameters that you can set to filter the results. You can use this file as is without any further programming or you can modify it according to your organization's requirements.

New profile last updated contact field

Within the contact details screen, a new Profile last updated field indicates the date and time that common fields, membership fields, or member group participation were last updated, either by an administrator, a Wild Apricot support representative, by import, or by the contact themselves – but not by automatic membership renewal. You can use this field in your search criteria when performing an advanced contact search.

As well, profile fields are no longer divided into common fields and membership fields on the contact details screen.

Changes to Internet Explorer support

Wild Apricot's support for Internet Explorer versions 8-10 is now provided in regular mode rather than compatibility mode. Version 7 is now only supported for public and member access, but not for administrative functions.


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