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Most transactions on your Wild Apricot site (e.g. membership applications and renewals, event registrations) automatically generate an invoice. The exception is donations, which do not involve invoices.

To view a list of your invoices, hover over the Finances menu and select the Invoices option. If you are already on a different tab within the Finances module, click the Invoices tab.

Deleted invoices are not shown in the list. You can find deleted invoices in your financial history by performing keyword searches on invoice numbers.

Each invoice has a balance – the total amount of the invoice minus all the payments settled to it. If an invoice has a zero balance, it will be marked as fully paid.

The Origin field indicates whether it is a manual invoice (one not automatically generated by transactions on the site) or an automated invoice related to an online transaction (e.g. membership application, event registration).

For information on setting invoice numbers and controlling the emailing of invoices, see Customizing invoices.

Searching and filtering the invoice list

You can search the invoice list in a number of ways.

  • You can select a predefined date range or set one of your own.
  • You can select one of the predefined filters. For example, if you select the With open balance filter, it will show all outstanding invoices.
  • You can perform a keyword search. For example, you could type in a member's name to see the list of all corresponding invoices for this member, or enter an invoice number to view a particular invoice.

Invoice details

To view the details of a particular invoice, click it within the invoice list.

From the invoice details, you can record and settle the payment for any invoice with an open balance by clicking the Record payment button, either from the invoice details or the invoice list.

If a contact has provided you with their credit card and billing information outside of Wild Apricot – and you using either PayPal Payments Pro or Authorize.Net as your payment system – you can click the Charge credit card button to process a charge on this person's credit card. (See Processing credit card option for administrators.)

You can also print or email the invoice to the contact.

You can modify or delete the invoice, though you have to be careful as it might lead to discrepancies between your transactions and your financial records.

A record of all invoice edits and deletions can be found in your financial history.

Using the Prev and Next buttons, you can browse through other invoices within the list.

Exporting invoices

You can export your invoices – as they appear on your invoices list – to a spreadsheet file. You can also export your invoices and other financial data to QuickBooks.

To export your invoices to a spreadsheet file, follow these steps:

  1. Filter your invoices list to display only those invoices you want to export.
  2. Click the Export button.
  3. On the screen that appears, select the export file format – XLS, CSV, or XML.
  4. Choose which fields to include in the export file.
  5. Click the Export button.

While the export file is being generated, you can click the Continue working button and safely switch to another Wild Apricot admin screen. Once the file is generated, you'll receive an email with a link to the file.

If you waited until the export file was generated, the file will be automatically downloaded. As well, a dialog with a link to the file will appear, and an email with the link will be sent to you.

Before clicking the download link within the email, make sure you are logged into your Wild Apricot account as an administrator, and in admin view.


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