Logging in

Where do I log in?

Log in by visiting the unique URL for your WildApricot account. 

WildApricot website URLs are unique to each organization. Most website URLs follow this format: 


If you do not know or have forgotten your organization's website URL, the fastest way to locate it would be searching your email records to locate the welcome email sent by the WildApricot team when the account was created. This email contains the URL for your unique WildApricot website.

If you do not remember your password, click the Forgot password link on your website's login page to request a password reset

Logging in through social networks

You can activate the Options to log in via social networks within your website's login gadget. This adds the Log in with Facebook and Log in with Google buttons to your login page.

When you click one of the social network login buttons, you will be prompted to sign in on the social network and then will be signed in on WildApricot as well. 

After you log in to WildApricot via a social network, your social network details – including social network name and avatar – will be displayed in your private member profile.

If you use a different email address for your social network account, you can click the Connect button to log into your social network. To disconnect from your social network without logging off from your WildApricot account, click the Disconnect link from your member profile.

Removing the social login buttons

To remove the social login buttons from the login form gadget, disable Options to log in via social networks within the gadget settings.

I forgot my password

If you do not remember your password, click the Forgot password link on your website's login page to request a password reset.

Terms of use

When you first log in to WildApricot, you will be required to accept WildApricot's terms of use before proceeding.

An administrator can customize this page – but cannot modify the terms – by modifying the Terms of use system page.

Landing pages  

Administrators are returned to the page they were on during their last user session. If you log out from admin view, your default landing page is the admin Dashboard.

Members with open invoices are directed to the Invoices and payments tab in their member profile. If their membership renewal date has passed, they are directed to the Profile page, where they can renew their membership.

For all other users, administrators can specify a landing page. For more information, see Starting page for members.

Remember me

To avoid having to enter your email and password every time you log in, check the Remember me option before clicking the Login button.

When you next restart your browser and access your WildApricot site, you'll be automatically logged in.

Note: You'll be logged in automatically only on the computer and browser you used when you checked the Remember me option. WildApricot remembers you by depositing a cookie (a small text file) on your computer. For security reasons, you shouldn't ask WildApricot to remember you on shared or public computers.

Some browsers may also offer to remember your login information. To stop your browser from remembering your login information, you need to clear your browser cookies, or cache. 

For instructions on clearing browser cookies, view Google's instructions or see our help article

Logging out

To log out of your WildApricot account, click the Log out link or icon.

In admin view, the Log out option appears within the Account menu in the bottom right corner of the screen.

When you're working in the website editor, the Log out option appears in the upper right corner.

Where the Log out link appears in the public view of your website depends on the layout and design of your website.

Troubleshooting login

I hid my login box on my website. How do I log in now? 

To access your website, add /sys/login to the end of your URL. 

For example, if your website URL is: 


you can log in at: 


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