Members summary and list

From the Members module, you can view a table summarizing your membership database, or a full list of members that you can filter and search.

The member summary and member list does not include contacts who are not members or who have been archived, and does not include suspended members. You can view excluded contacts from the contact list or using an advanced search.

Displaying the member summary

To view the member summary, hover over the Members menu and select the Summary option.

The member summary displays the number of members broken down by membership level and membership status.

The Total column is the sum of the Active, Lapsed and Pending columns.

The Renewal overdue column displays members whose renewal date is in the past. These members can have different membership statuses depending on their situation, and on your renewal settings.

Using the toolbar options, you can add a new member, export the entire member database, or send a mass email to all members in your database.

When you click on a number within the table, a list of members with that membership level and membership status will appear.

Within the list, you can click a member's name to view their membership details.

Displaying the member list

To display the full member list, hover over the Members menu and select the List option. If you're already in the Members module, click the List option at the top of the screen.

On the simple search page that appears, you can filter the list by entering a search keyword.

To perform a more advanced search, using multiple search criteria, click the Advanced search option. From the advanced search page, you can assemble your search criteria and save your search for future use.

Once you have your search results, you can view individual member details by clicking on members within the list.

Using the toolbar options, you can export the current member list, send a mass email to the current member list, or archive the current member list.

Printing the member list or member summary

To print the member list or member summary, display the list or summary then click the Print icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Alternatively, you could press Ctrl + A on your keyboard then Ctrl + P (for Windows) or Command + A then Command + P (for Mac).


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