General notes about Email

  • Email messages, email templates, and your account's log of sent emails can be accessed by selecting the Communication option on the admin sidebar menu.
  • Your WildApricot account generates two types of emails: Automatic and Manual
    • Automatic emails are generated by the system in response to a variety of user actions. You can configure the recipients and settings for automatic emails
    • Manual emails are emails you compose and send yourself, such as newsletters. You choose the recipients for your manual emails by searching or filtering contacts. You can also schedule the delivery of manual emails.
  • You can only send emails to contacts in your WildApricot database.
  • When you first create your WildApricot account, most emails may be initially disabled, so that contacts don't receive emails while you set up your account. No emails – except the Password for new contacts, Forgot password and New administrator emails – will be sent to your contacts. Instead, they will be sent to your organization's email address, as specified in your Organization details settings. 
  • You can send an email immediately or schedule it to be delivered at a particular date and time.
  • You can create emails from scratch, use a previously sent email, or choose one of the email templates provided by WildApricot.
  • You can use email macros to personalize automatic emails or manual emails. Macros inserted into an email's content are replaced with specific information about the recipient, such as first and last name. You cannot edit or otherwise modify macros. You can only insert or remove them from the content of an email.
  • In your email log, you can view each message sent by you or by the system, its delivery status, and a list of the failed and delivered email addresses. If you have email tracking enabled (which is disabled by default), you can see the number of clicks for each link and whether each message was opened.
  • You can specify additional email recipients to receive copies of system emails sent to administrators.
  • Only one email will be sent to each unique email address even if you add a recipient's address multiple times.
  • Once you send a manual email, it is added to the email queue, and may take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours to be actually delivered.
  • If an {Unsubscribe_Url} macro does not appear in your email, one will be automatically appended to the message in order to comply with federal regulations.
  • WildApricot does not provide an email hosting service. For information on integrating an email hosting service with your WildApricot account, see Email hosting.


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