Cloned site limitations

If you want to explore a different website theme without altering your current site, you can ask Wild Apricot Support to create a clone of your current site. To request a clone of your site, send an email to from a full account administrator’s email address.

The cloned site functions as a sandbox where you can evaluate a theme and run tests, but it is not an exact copy of your site, and any changes you make to the cloned site cannot be copied over to your existing site.

There are a number of differences between your existing site and the cloned site:

  • Only one full administrator is copied.
  • Only the first 3 events are copied.
  • Financial data, email logs etc. will not be copied.
  • The cloned site is set as a free Trial account for 30 days so you may encounter different restrictions from your existing site.

Remember: Any changes you make to the cloned site will not be automatically applied to the original site; you will need to manually recreate these changes on your existing site.


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    Ian Yates


    I already have a Wild Apricot site setup for a local festival, and another local festival is keen to move over to Wild Apricot. Can I use the above method to create a clone of the existing site to use for the new festival? Of course it would get modified to suit the new festival! But it would save me a lot of groundwork.

    Ian Yates

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