Changing the font for numbered steps doesn't change the numbers

To get the numbers to match the font you applied to the text in numbered steps, you need to add CSS code.

The first step is to get the HTML ID for the content gadget containing the numbered steps. To do so, starting editing your page, click on the content gadget, then within the gadget settings on the left, click the Advanced down arrow and copy the value in the HTML ID field. Save this value somewhere.

Now, go the CSS customization screen by choosing CSS under the Website menu.

In the CSS editor window, paste the following code:

#id_HTMLID ol {
   color: #000000 ;
   font-size: 14px;
   font-family: Arial;

and replace HTMLID within that code with the HTML ID value you copied and saved from your content gadget. You can also replace the color, font-size, and font-family attributes with the appropriate values.

Now, save your changes. The numbers should now match the text in the steps.


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