Why am I being asked to accept cookies?

When you visit a Wild Apricot site – as an administrator, member, or visitor – cookies may be placed on your computer by Wild Apricot or a third party.

A cookie is a chunk of data – typically stored as text file – that is placed on your computer or other device when you visit a particular website. The cookie is used to identify your device to the website when you visit again so the site can load your preferences, automatically accept your credentials, or otherwise personalize the experience. Cookies do not store personal information about you, just information identifying your device.

To access Wild Apricot sites as an administrator or a member, you need to enable cookies (which most browsers do by default). You can choose whether to accept cookies within your browser settings.

You can also separately control whether to accept third-party cookies – cookies placed by third party services that are integrated into the website you are visiting.

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