Mobile access

For visitors 

Sites created using Wild Apricot's responsive website themes are fully responsive. They automatically scale their contents to fit properly on different sized screens, including mobile devices.

Older themes are not responsive but in some cases display well on mobile devices. Visitors to your site should be able to perform self-service functions such as applying for membership and registering for events on their mobile devices, but the screens involved will not be scaled for the mobile experience. As a result, visitors may have to scroll and zoom more than they are used to doing. 

Some important caveats:

  • If your Wild Apricot site uses advanced customizations such as CSS customizationTheme overrides, or inserting HTML or JavaScript, you may need to review and adjust its appearance and/or behavior for display on mobile platforms.
  • The content placed on each page can affect its appearance on mobile devices since formatting codes, tables, and other elements can be handled differently by mobile browsers.
  • iOS devices – including iPads – do not provide native support for Flash, so avoid embedding any functionality that uses Flash

For administrators

Administrators can use the Wild Apricot mobile app to add or modify event registrations, check in attendees, modify contact information, and record manual payments.

The browser version of Wild Apricot can be accessed from mobile devices, but not all functions are supported. For example, you can add contacts, manage events, and manage invoices. You cannot, however, modify site pages or compose emails. 

Wild Apricot is committed to providing better mobile support for administrators in the future.  

Composing blog and forum posts

Both visitors and administrators can use the content editor in public view to compose blog posts and forum topics. The content editor is supported for this purpose on devices using iOS7 (and higher) on both Safari and Chrome browsers, and on devices using Android 4 (and higher) on Chrome browsers.


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