Integrating with WordPress issues

Below is a list of commonly issues when integrating with WordPress.

  • I can't see a Plugins option within my WordPress Dashboard.
    Only users can download plugins. If you are a user, you won't be able to set up integration between WordPress and Wild Apricot.
  • I'm trying to test my WordPress integration but I can't log into the single sign-on screen.
    You cannot log in with the same email address as the one in your WordPress administrator account.
  • I've made updates to user profiles in WordPress but the changes aren't showing up in the Wild Apricot contact details.
    Automatic updates go in only one direction: from Wild Apricot to WordPress.
  • I've deactivated and deleted the Wild Apricot Login plugin on WordPress, but the roles and users it added are still in my account.
    Deactivation or deletion of the Wild Apricot Login plugin will not remove the Wild Apricot users and roles from your WordPress account. You'll have to remove them manually.
  • I've updated a WordPress user profile but my changes were overwritten when the user logged on using the single sign-on form
    Change to the WordPress user profiles will be updated with the information from their Wild Apricot contact details when they log on using the single sign-on form. if you're planning on integrating your Wild Apricot site with WordPress, you should get in the habit of making changes to contact details on Wild Apricot only.
  • Can I restrict access to an entire page or blog by role/membership level?
    Yes, but not using the Wild Apricot plugin. There are other plugins that allow you to restrict page access by role – e.g. Members or Access Control – but these will not check a member’s membership status, making it possible for lapsed members to access a restricted page.


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