Migrating your website to Wild Apricot

There is no FTP in Wild Apricot, so all web content has to be transferred manually, page by page.

Once you have set up your Wild Apricot account, you can begin transferring your website content. To transfer files and data, here are some guidelines you might find useful:

Backup your website

You might want to start by creating a back up of all your current website pages, as well as any uploaded files.

Create new pages in Wild Apricot
Recreate your pages, and any new ones you might need, in Wild Apricot see page management.

Transfer content
Go page by page and use the copy/cut/paste functions to transfer your website content into the Wild Apricot website. You might also need to format the pages appropriately due to differences in layout and styles, see

Upload your files
Upload all files (pictures, documents, etc.) you need to the Wild Apricot website, see inserting pictures and inserting documents. Don't forget to replace any internal links appropriately, see inserting links.

Important Notes:

  • If you need to do any additional changes to a page, such as change sentence structures or add additional information, try using the Wild Apricot editor, copy / pasting from Word could result in formatting problems. 
  • All secure member only pages have to be in Members-only section, see restricted access section.
  • Keep pages invisible until ready - by default, pages are set to admin-only (hidden) until you make them accessible to others, see page visibility


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