Making feature requests

Thank you very much for your feedback and suggestions. Our whole product development philosophy is based on listening to our clients and using your feedback to set our priorities (see

Since we serve thousands of clients, we have to follow a certain process to ensure that every request is carefully considered -- and reconciled with other requests -- to deliver as many enhancements as possible in the shortest possible time.

This process starts in our Wishlist forum which contains a list of items organized by functionality where you can review all suggestions, add your own and vote to help us finalize the details and prioritize the development.

Our product management team reads every post and comment in these forums. You can be assured that your input will be carefully analyzed -- and taken into consideration as much as we can.

"What is the exact date for the release of <feature X>?"

At any given time, our work queue contains 400-600 enhancements and suggestions. This queue is reviewed after each release (every ~7-9 weeks) and the items prioritized according to their forum votes and comments. Then we pick ~10-20 of the highest priority items for our next release.
"Can you create <feature X> for me, for an extra charge?"

Unfortunately this is not possible. Custom work means we would have to delay work on items from the main product roadmap, which would negatively affect many other clients.

Consider contacting our partners (see partner directory) -- they can provide help with setup and customization, including  sophisticated Javascript coding to extend Wild Apricot's capabilities.


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