Cannot login as administrator, getting access denied message

Note: If using Internet Explorer, proceed to step 4 first, then back to the other steps if you still experience problems accessing admin view.

1) Close all browsers and open brand new browser session and have nothing else accessed other than your site and log in.

2) If above does not allow access, the error message has a button 'Home', click on it and that should take you to your own home page and hopefully allow admin access.

3) Clear your cookies and try again.

4) When logged in to your site, check the address bar, if there is 'www' in front of your url, then remove it and access your site without the leading 'www'. Next log in and logout. Repeat the process (log in and logout)  but this time access your  site with 'www' at the beginning and see if you can now access the admin view.


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