Inserting an anchor to jump to a section within a page

If you have a long web page, you may want to provide links to individual sections within the page so visitors can jump right to those sections. You might also provide a link to jump to the top of the page. Before you can link to a section within a page, you have to mark the section by inserting an anchor (aka bookmark). 

To insert an anchor, follow these steps:

  1. Begin editing the site page or page template where you want the anchor to appear.
  2. Click the content gadget in which you want the anchor to appear.
  3. Within the content gadget, click where you want the anchor to appear.
  4. Click the Link dropdown in the toolbar and select Insert anchor
  5. In the window that appears, enter the anchor name – a keyword to identify the anchor (without spaces).
  6. Click Insert anchor.
Now that you have inserted an anchor, you can link to it from this page or another Wild Apricot page.


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