Contact profile widget

A widget – aka plugin – is a chunk of Wild Apricot functionality that you can embed – or integrate – into another website. Using a widget, you can allow members to update their Wild Apricot member profile from another website.

Initially, only a member login box appears on the other site.

The contact profile widget cannot display the social login buttons available from the Log in form gadget.

After logging in, a member can view and update their profile, subject to any restrictions you have set in Wild Apricot.

To embed a widget into another website, you copy the embed code then paste it into the other site's HTML code.

Getting the widget code

To obtain the code you need to embed a Wild Apricot member profile on another website, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Settings menu.
  2. Within the Integration section, click Widgets code.
  3. Right click over the code that appears beside Contact profile and copy the code to the clipboard.

You can now paste the copied embed code into the HTML code for the page on your other website.

Changing colors and fonts

You can change the appearance of the contact profile widget from the Colors and Styles screen. To change the appearance of the headings on member profile screens, adjust the settings under General formatting > Form > Caption.

Any changes you make will apply to your Wild Apricot site pages as well as your embedded Wild Apricot widgets.


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