Switching recurring members to a different payment system

When you switch from one payment system to another, the payment details for members assigned to recurring membership levels will not be automatically transferred to the new payment system. The steps involved in switching recurring members depends on the payment systems involved.

Switching from Payflow Pro or Authorize.Net to Wild Apricot Payments

If you are switching from PayPal Payflow Pro or Authorize.Net to Wild Apricot Payments/AffiniPay, we can migrate your recurring profiles to Wild Apricot Payments/AffiniPay. To get started with the migration, contact our support department.

Switching from other payment systems or to other payment systems

Switching recurring members from other payment systems, or to a payment system other than Wild Apricot Payments, involves canceling all recurring payments before switching to the new payment system, then setting them up again for each member with the new payment system.

Here are the steps involved in this process:

  1. Disable recurring payments for each recurring membership level.
  2. If you are using PayPal Payments Standard, cancel the recurring subscription for each member from your PayPal account. If you are using any other payment system, the recurring payments for existing members will be automatically canceled once you disable recurring payments for the membership level.
  3. On the Payment settings screen, switch to the new payment processor.
  4. Enable recurring payments for each previously recurring membership level.
  5. Make sure your recurring membership levels have renewal reminders enabled.
  6. Email all members on recurring membership levels and let them know about the change in payment processor. Within the email, tell them to expect a renewal reminder email before their next renewal date, and to follow the instructions in the reminder email and click the Renew button from their member profile to set up recurring payments with the new payment processor. The text of your email might look something like this:
    "We are switching to a different payment system and unfortunately that means you have to set up your recurring payments again. Before your next renewal date, you'll receive a renewal reminder email from us with a link to your member profile. Click that link then click the Renew button from your member profile and follow the instructions to enter your payment details. Sorry for the inconvenience!"

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