Transitioning to Stripe Connect

Wild Apricot has completely redesigned our payments subsystem to give you greater security, stability, and flexibility. At the same time, Stripe is introducing Stripe Connect, a new payment gateway that automatically supports the latest and most advanced security regulations like Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).

To take advantage of this enhanced payment gateway, Wild Apricot will be transitioning clients using Stripe to the Stripe Connect. Clients using Stripe need to switch their Wild Apricot payment system to Stripe Connect by February 15, 2021. As of that date, Wild Apricot will stop supporting the existing Stripe payment system. Accounts that haven’t make the switch by February 15, 2021 can still do so but will be unable to accept online payments in the meantime.

You will receive an email from Wild Apricot letting you know once support for the new Stripe Connect gateway is in place, so that you can make the switch.

To switch to Stripe Connect, click the Reconnect to Stripe button within the Payment settings screen.

Next, click the Sign in option to sign into your existing Stripe account.

After signing in, you'll be returned to the Payment settings screen in Wild Apricot where you can adjust various payment settings then save your changes.

When you switch to Stripe Connect, you don't need to cancel or migrate your recurring payments. Recurring payments will continue to be processed as scheduled without any action on your part.


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