Checking for consent in TNS

According to US law (The Telephone Consumer Protection Act), organizations need to obtain explicit consent to send text messages. WildApricot's Text Notification Service (TNS) can automatically check for consent using a consent field from your WildApricot account. That way, you only send messages to those who have consented to receive them.

To set up TNS to automatically check for consent before sending a message, you need to set up a consent field in WildApricot, then select that field within your WildApricot integration settings in TNS.

We recommend setting up a dedicated consent field for text notifications rather than a common consent field for all electronic communications. That way, contacts can withdraw consent for text messaging without blocking other communication methods.

Setting up a consent field in WildApricot

To set up a consent field in WildApricot, choose Common fields under the Contacts menu then create a new field using the Rules and terms type. 

In the Field label for the field, enter text introducing the request for consent. In the Text field, enter a statement agreeing to receive text messages from your organization. In the Link field, enter the URL of a page or document explaining the type of messages your contact can expect to receive from you.

The consent field will appear on the signup forms for events, membership, and donations and on private member profiles. Contacts can click the check box to give their consent to receiving text messages from you.

Selecting the consent field in TNS

Once you've set up a consent field in WildApricot, you can select it in TNS as the field to check for consent.

To do so, click the Settings menu on the left, then choose the WildApricot integration settings option.

Within your integration options, check the Check field value option under How to check consent, then choosing the consent field from the dropdown menu and save your changes.

The dropdown menu will list all common fields of the Rules and terms type.


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