You may encounter the following terms while using Wild Apricot.

Active contact
A contact who has not been archived, and therefore appears in the contact list. See Archived vs. active records

Active member
A member in good standing – not lapsed or pending – with full member benefits (e.g. listed in member directory, access to restricted pages, etc). See Membership status and functionality

A contact who has been granted permission to perform administrative functions on your Wild Apricot site. An administrator does not have to be a member. See Managing site administrators

A contact who has been temporarily removed from your contact list without being deleted from your Wild Apricot database. An archived contact does not receive email, does not count toward your database limit, and can be restored. See Archived vs. active records

A collection of members who are linked together and managed by one of their members – the bundle administrator. Bundle members share the same renewal date, status, and membership level, and are charged a single membership fee. Bundles can be used to offer a discounted group membership to companies, teams, or families. See Membership bundles

Common field
A database field that applies to all contacts, whether members or not. Common fields can appear on membership application, event registration, and donation forms. See Customizing database fields

Anyone who appears in your Wild Apricot database. A contact can be a member, event attendee, donor, or vendor. See Contacts vs members

An element on a web page that displays content. The content can be static content such as text or a picture, or dynamic content such as a membership registration form, a blog, or a list of upcoming events. See Gadgets

A member who has lost membership privileges. A member's status may be set to lapsed if they have not renewed their membership within a certain period following their renewal date. A lapsed member does not receive automatic renewal notices or appear in member directories, and is not allowed to view member only pages, add comments to blog pages, or post or reply to forum topics. Unlike a suspended member (see below), a lapsed member can restore their membership by paying the renewal fee. See Membership status and functionality

A grid that divides a portion of a web page into sections where gadgets can be inserted. See Layouts

Master layout
The master template that defines the basic layout of a page, and contains theme-specific graphical elements. Master layouts can only be customized through theme overrides. See Master layouts

A contact who has been assigned a membership level. See Contacts vs members

Member group
A collection of members assigned to the group (e.g. volunteer committee, board of directors). Members can belong to multiple member groups, and member groups can include members from different membership levels. See Member groups

Membership level
The type of membership. Members can be assigned to different membership levels, each with its own fees, subscription periods, and renewal policies. See Membership levels

Offline payment
A payment that is made outside of Wild Apricot and must therefore be recorded manually. Examples of offline payments include cash, cheque, and direct PayPal payments (not via a Wild Apricot screen). See Manual payments

Payment gateway
A service that receives the online payment request from your website and directs it to a payment processor. See Understanding Online Payment Services

Payment processor
A service that validates the purchaser’s credit card details and checks if they have sufficient funds in their account to cover the payment. See Understanding Online Payment Services

Payment provider
The company that operates the payment gateway or payment processor services. In some cases, the payment gateway and payment processor are combined into a single service known by either name. See Understanding Online Payment Services

Payment service/system
Where a payment provider offers multiple types of payment gateways – with different features and pricing – each type is referred to as a payment service or payment system. See Understanding Online Payment Services

A membership that has not been activated or renewed because it is awaiting administrator approval or payment of the membership fee. See Membership status and functionality

Area within a page template where content – in the form of layouts and gadgets – can be placed. See Placeholder settings

Registration type
An event registration option with its own price, options, and availability. Registration types are basically ticket types. See Event registration types

A member whose membership has been revoked. A suspended member still appears as a contact, and can apply for membership. See Suspending a membership

A method of payment, such as cash, check, wire transfer, PayPal, or credit card. See Payment tenders

A basic design that can be customized to produce the final version. In Wild Apricot, you can customize email templates and site page templates. See Using email templates, Page templates

A set of files that define the overall look of your Wild Apricot website. See Website themes

A chunk of Wild Apricot functionality – e.g. membership application form or event calendar – that you can embed into another website. See Widgets


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