Getting started with TNS

To start using the Text Notification Service (TNS) with your WildApricot account, you need to follow these steps:

  1. From your WildApricot account, click the Apps menu then choose the Text Notification option.
  2. The Text Notification Service (TNS) will open in a new browser tab. You will be asked to provide contact information for the person in your organization who will be responsible for sending text messages. This is a legal requirement for organizations sending text messages. 
  3. You are also required to consent to the terms and conditions for using this service. After doing so, click Agree and next to continue.
  4. After the information you have provided has been reviewed, you can begin using the service. The review may take a few seconds, several minutes, or possibly several days. During that time, you can explore TNS but you will not be able to send any messages. Until your TNS account has been approved, the account status on the left will appear as Pending. Once your account has been approved, the status will appear as Approved.
  5. With your TNS account approved, you can choose the WildApricot fields to be used. First, you choose your phone number field from the list of common fields found on your WildApricot site.
  6. Next, you choose whether you wish to check if consent has been granted by each contact to receive text messages from your organization. You can set up a consent field in your WildApricot site as a rules and terms field. For more information, see Checking for consent in TNS. To check consent for each contact, click the Check field value option then choose the consent field from the dropdown and click Next.

  7. You can now start your first campaign or just take a look around.

Before you can launch or test a campaign, you'll be required to set up payment details for your TNS account. Fees for using the TNS service are charged directly to your credit card, not as part of your Wild Apricot account. For more information, see TNS pricing.

To change your account details later, click Change subscription profile on the left. 

To change your WildApricot integration settings, click the Settings menu on the left, then click the Wild Apricot integration settings option.


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