WildApricot's Text Notification Service (TNS)

With WildApricot's Text Notification Service (TNS), you can send text messages to members and other contacts. You could, for example, send text notifications to:

  • registrants for a particular event
  • members who haven't renewed
  • recipients who haven't opened a particular newsletter 
  • contacts with email delivery disabled
  • archived contacts
  • members at a particular membership level or in a particular member group
WildApricot's TNS service is only available in the US and Canada. You must be based in the US or Canada and can only send messages to recipients with US or Canadian phone numbers. TNS works only with paid WildApricot accounts, not trial or free accounts.

How does it work?

Setting up a text notification campaign involves the following steps.

  1. You pick the recipients by choosing a filter. For example, you could choose the Event registrants filter then select an event. 
  2. You specify the message you want to send to the recipients. You can personalize the message using macros.
  3. The system will estimate the cost of your campaign based on the number of recipients with a value in the specified phone number field who match your filter criteria, and the length of your message. (Messages beyond the maximum length will be split into one or more chunks and will count as multiple messages.)
  4. You schedule the campaign or send it right away.
  5. After the campaign is complete, the system will calculate the final costs and add it to your monthly invoice.

For more information, see Setting up a TNS text campaign.

How much does it cost?

The monthly charge for the virtual phone number needed for texting is $4 USD per month. The cost for each message sent or received (in response) is $0.04 USD. For more information, see TNS pricing.

These fees will be charged directly to your credit card, not as part of your Wild Apricot account. To enter your credit card details, click the Account option under Settings.

Until you enter your credit card details, you can still explore TNS but you won't be able to launch a campaign or send yourself a test message.

Obtaining consent

TNS can work with a consent field set up in your Wild Apricot account, so that you only send messages to those who have consented to receive them. For more information, see Setting up a consent field for TNS.

Getting started

To get started with TNS, click the Apps menu within your Wild Apricot account then choose the Text Notification option. The TNS service will launch in a separate browser tab.

To begin using the service, you'll be required to provide contact information for the person in your organization who will be responsible for sending text messages. After your account details have been reviewed and approved, you can choose your Wild Apricot integration options.

For more information, see Getting started with TNS.

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