TNS pricing

The pricing for WildApricot's Text Notification Service (TNS) consists of two components:

Dedicated virtual phone number
per month
Price per message (outgoing or incoming)
per message

The price per message applies to messages you send, and to messages received in response to your message.

There are no long term contracts or hidden fees. You pay only for what you use. You may cancel your subscription at any moment.

How do I pay?

Fees for using the TNS service will be charged directly to your credit card, not as part of your Wild Apricot account. Each month, the system charges your credit card for the virtual phone number and for campaigns you sent during the prior period. 

To enter your credit card details, click the Account option under Settings.

Do you have a free trial?

You can explore the system as much as you need before entering your credit card details. Until you enter your credit card details, you won't be able to launch a campaign or send yourself a test message. 

How do I know how much each campaign is going to cost?

When you set up a campaign, TNS estimates the campaign price. The estimate appears at the bottom of the Campaign details screen. 

To arrive at an estimate, TNS multiplies the price per message ($0.04) by the number of recipients with a value in the specified phone number field. However, this is just an estimate and not the final price, since a number of factors can effect how many messages are actually delivered.

Once the system has sent all messages, it calculates the final campaign price by multiplying the actual number of recipients by the price per message, then adds the final price to your next invoice.  

The actual number of recipients can be less than the estimated number for any of the following reasons:

  • A contact's phone number is not a valid US or Canadian number
  • You have set up a consent field and the contact has not consented to receive text messages from your organization 

In either of these cases, the contact will not sent a text message, and will not count towards the total number of recipients.

Another factor that can affect the campaign price is the message length. If your message exceeds the maximum length of SMS text messages, the system will split it into smaller chunks and then merge them back together on the recipient's phone. In this case, the campaign price will be higher since each chunk sent is counted as a separate message.

TNS will take the message length into account when estimating the campaign price, but the final message length may increase if it includes macros that are replaced with content that pushes the message length over the limit. 


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