Routing of system emails

You can set up email routing to automatically send copies of system emails to administrators and/or other recipients. For example, you might want your event manager to automatically receive copies of event registration notifications, and your membership manager to get membership-related notifications.

The exact time these automatic system emails are sent will depend on your organization's time zone (see Automatic emails schedule).

For instructions on designating contacts as different kinds of administrators, including event managers and membership managers, see Site administrators.

Be careful when setting up email routing, since emails containing confidential information could be copied to contacts without administrator privileges.

To set up email routing, click the Settings menu then choose the Routing of system emails option (within the Emailing section). 

From the screen that appears, you select the recipients for each email category.

Wild Apricot system emails are divided into the following categories:

  • Members and contacts related – includes emails such as member renewal reminders, member application confirmations, email subscription confirmation, etc
  • Event-related – event registration confirmations
  • Donation-related – donation confirmations
  • Billing documents – payment receipts, invoices, donation receipt
  • Online store related – new order, order shipped/fulfilled, order canceled

For each email category, you can set it up so that copies of emails go to:

  • Organization contact email – your site's main contact. To change it, select Organization under the Dashboard menu.
  • Account administrators – including those with full, read-only, and limited access (e.g. Website editor). For more information, see Site administrators. The number in brackets indicates how many people are currently in each category.
  • Custom recipient email(s) – when this option is enabled, you can enter one or more email addresses. These emails do not have to be contacts in your database. Multiple emails should be separated by commas.

The numbers that appear within parentheses indicate the number of contacts who have been assigned those roles. For instructions on assigning roles to contacts, see Site administrators.

Including administrators and custom emails, you can set up to 25 recipients per category.

For event emails, you can enable or disable email routing for each event separately, and assign event-specific organizers. By default, event emails are sent to the event organizer only, and email routing is ignored. To enable routing for event emails, check the Copy emails according to email routing settings option for the event. For more information, see Event emails.


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