Event visiblity

When you set up an event, you can restrict the visibility of the event by membership level, member groups, or limit access to administrators only. Restricted events will only appear on an event calendar for members whose membership level has been granted access.

You might want to restrict access to your event while you are setting it up, or you might want it to remain restricted to administrators so you can control and approve registrations individually. If you want to offer a preview of an upcoming event, you can make the event accessible without enabling registration.

When you create an event, it will initially be restricted to administrators but with registration disabled.

You can also filter event calendars by event tags, restrict access to individual registration types by membership level, and restrict access to the page on which the event calendar appears by membership levels, members groups, or administrators only.

Controlling event visibility

To control event visibility, follow these steps:

  1. Hover over the Events menu and select the Event list option.
  2. Click the event within the list.
  3. Click the link beside the Visible to heading displaying the current access level – Admin only, Public, or Restricted levels/groups.
  4. Within the dialog that appears, click the appropriate access option.
  5. If you select the Restricted option, check each of the membership levels or member groups you want to be able to see the event.
    If you restrict access by both membership levels and membership groups, then members who belong to any of the selected levels or groups will be able to view the event. If you check the All levels or All groups option then all levels or groups – including any levels or groups added in the future – will be selected.
  6. Click Save to save your choice.

Within your events list, restricted events are flagged by a lock icon, and admin-only events are indicated by a crossed-out eye.


My event is not appearing in my event calendar

  • Check the event access setting. If it's currently set to Admin only, change it to Public or Restricted (if you want to restrict access by membership levels and/or member groups).
  • Check the settings for your event calendar. They might be set to filter the event calendar by event tag.

My event appears on the event calendar but there's no Register button.

  • Check whether the event has been enabled for registration. For details, see Enabling event registration.

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