Using the Dashboard

The Dashboard provides a quick snapshot of your entire account, showing your billing plan and displaying a summary of your contacts, upcoming events, recent donations, most active members, and least updated pages.

To display the dashboard, click the Dashboard menu.

The Dashboard consists of the following sections.

Contacts database statistics

The Contacts database section displays totals for different kinds of contacts.

For each contact type, the number of new contacts in the last 7 and last 30 days are displayed.

Event statistics

The Events section lists the next 3 upcoming events.

For each event, it displays the number of confirmed and pending (registered but not confirmed paid) attendees.

You can click on an event name to view its event details.

Donation statistics

The Donations section lists the last 5 donations.

You can click on a donor's name to view the donation details.

Your account

This section provides a summary of your Wild Apricot account plan.

It also shows you how much of your file storage space is being used.

Click the Account and billing link for more detailed information.

Member login activity and page updates

This section lists the most active non-administrative members, based on the number of logins to your site, whether from the browser version or the member app.

Administrators are not included in this number even if they log in as members. Also listed are the 5 least updated pages in your site.


You can earn commissions by referring new users to Wild Apricot.

To send a referral without earning a commission, click the Tell a friend button. If you want to earn referral commissions, click the Earn referral commissions link and send referrals from the Referrals screen.

Once one of your referrals signs up for a Wild Apricot account, the Referrals section of your dashboard will display a summary of your referrals, including the number of referrals, how much you have accumulated in commissions, how much had been paid out to you, and how much remains in your balance.

To view more information about your referrals, click the View details link within the Referrals section of your dashboard. You will be taken to the Referrals screen.

For more information, see Referrals.


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