Member profile updates

Wild Apricot sites have numerous self-service options for members and contacts. Most of these options are available from their member or contact profile.

Accessing member profiles

Members and contacts can access their profile by logging in to their Wild Apricot site.

Once they are logged in, a link will appear to their member profile. Depending on your website theme, the link will appear as their name...

 or as a View profile link.

With some themes, members need to click an icon before viewing one of those options.

You can embed a Wild Apricot member profile login box into another website using widgets.

Updating member profiles

After clicking the View profile link, the user will see their membership details and contact information. view profile-v24.png

To update their profile, they can click the Edit profile button. 

Depending on how your database fields are set up, members might be able to update files uploaded by themselves or by administrators. For ideas on ways you can use file uploading to benefit your organization, click here.  

To save their changes, members click the Save button.

You can customize this page by modifying the Contact profilesystem page.

Privacy settings

The Privacy link allows a member to specify which fields are visible to everyone, other members, or hidden from everyone else.

These settings apply to their listing in the member directory and on their directory profile page.

If a lock icon appears beside a field, the member cannot change the privacy setting for that field. For information on locking privacy settings, see Member privacy settings. privacy settings2-Y80.png

A member can hide their public profile altogether by unchecking the Allow to show profile option.

Click the Save button to save settings, or Cancel to exit without saving.

Email subscriptions

The Email subscriptions page allows members to adjust their email preferences. For more information, see Member - emails settings.

Member photo albums

From the Member photo albums tab, members can create photo albums within their member profile and upload images to them. 

To add a photo album to their profile, a member clicks the Create album button, if they don't have any albums yet, or the Add album button if they do. member album-EQA.png

For more information, see Member photo albums.

Event registrations

To view all their current and past event registrations, a member or contact clicks the My event registrations tab.

If an event was set up to allow registrations to cancel their own registrations, registrants can cancel their registrations by clicking the registration within the list then clicking the Cancel registration button from the registration details. cancel registration-fcs.png

The registrant will be prompted to confirm their desire to cancel their event registration.

Canceling a paid registration will automatically void the registration invoice and will generate a credit in the registrant's account. 

Invoices and payments

Following the Invoices and payments link allows members to view their history of invoices and payments, and pay open invoices. For more information, see Paying invoices.


The Donations tab displays all donations for the member or contact, whether one-time donations or recurring donations. Recurring donation subscriptions – the schedule of pre-authorized donations – appears in a separate section at the top.

To stop a recurring donation subscription, so that future donations do not take place, the donor clicks the Stop button beside the subscription.

My directory profile

Click on My directory profile to preview how your profile is displayed to others based on your privacy settings.

Administrators can customize the appearance of public profile pages by modifying the Member public profile system page.

Member photo albums

Clicking the Member photo albums link allows a member to manage their photo albums. For more information, see Member photo albums.


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