Integrating with other sites or applications

There are a number of ways that you can integrate your Wild Apricot site with other sites or applications.

  • Use Move (formerly Integromat) to build automated workflows that can connect with over 230 other apps, without any coding.
  • Use webhooks to notify an external service when selected changes occur in your Wild Apricot account.
  • Install the Wild Apricot Login plugin on WordPress to provide a single sign-on screen and the ability to restrict WordPress content to Wild Apricot members.
  • Use Wild Apricot's API to create apps and other programs that retrieve or update data stored in your Wild Apricot database.
  • Use Wild Apricot's single sign-on service to create a program that provides integration with another website.
  • Use Wild Apricot widgets to add Wild Apricot functionality to other websites.

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