Why is my TNS account suspended?

There are several possible reasons for your TNS account being suspended.      

Unpaid invoice

TNS tries to charge your credit card after each full month of using a system. If payment fails, then you will be notified by email and will have a chance to update card details. However, if the latest invoice keeps unpaid, then your account will be suspended. Our support team will try to contact you to resolve the situation. Until then, some functions may be limited.

Disallowed content

Some content is not allowed in SMS messages. If you include some of this content in your campaigns, then your sending phone number may be blocked. 

  • Phishing, fraud, and scam
  • Promotional messages
  • Misleading marketing
  • Any content related to sex, hate, alcohol, firearms, and tobacco.
  • Loan offers, debt restructuring or relief, lottery

High opt-out rate

The daily opt-out rate on a sending phone number is defined as the number of oped out customers divided by a total number of messages that were sent within 24 hours.

If the daily opt-out rate on a sending phone number is 5% or higher, then the account is flagged for monitoring. An opt-out rate of 10% or higher on a sending phone number may result in immediate suspension of services.

Consumer Complaints

Major operators in the US and Canada support consumer-driven spam controls. Their mobile subscribers can forward unwanted or unconsented text messages to the shortcode 7726.

The carrier monitors consumer complaints sent to this service for numbers on the network. If multiple claims are received for a sender, then a notification is sent to the message sender. Upon receipt, the service provider must provide proof of TCPA compliant opt-in for those specific messages.

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