What you need to know about events

  • You can set up any number of events and publish them in an events calendar on your Wild Apricot site (or another website).
  • From the events calendar, visitors can view event details, sign up for events, register guests, and pay registration fees online.
  • You can customize the events calendar, the event registration form, and the event emails (announcements and reminders).
  • Event calendars – like other site content – are inserted as gadgets, in this case, an event calendar gadget.
  • After you add an event calendar gadget to a page, you can adjust the event calendar gadget settings, to control how events are displayed and filter the calendar using event tags.
  • You can use tags to categorize events so you can display different kinds of events on separate event calendars.
  • You can restrict access to the page on which the event calendar appears by membership levels, members groups, or administrators only.
  • You can use the registration form to collect information about attendees (like meal preferences and breakout session choices) and to provide additional event options (like golf or concert tickets) available at a separate cost.
  • You can restrict each event to selected membership levels, and set up multiple ticket types – aka registration types – so you can charge different prices for different event packages or for different kinds of attendees.
  • You have to set up at least one registration type before you can enable an event for registration.
  • Whether an event appears on an event calendar can also depend on its visibility – which you can restrict by membership level, member groups, or limit to administrators only
  • You can also add an upcoming event gadget to a page on your site, and insert or email links to specific events.
  • If you have events with limited space, you can choose to cap your event to a specific number of registrations. You can limit the number of registrations for the entire event, or for specific registration types.
  • You can check in registrants to record their attendance, either from the browser version of Wild Apricot, or using Wild Apricot's mobile app.
  • If not already a contact, the primary registrant will be added to your contact database.

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