Billing plan functionality and limits

The tables below list the different limits for each billing plan, and the functionality that is excluded for certain plans. They do not list functionality and limits that are shared by all plans. For pricing information, click here.

Wild Apricot does not automatically upgrade or downgrade your account based on your usage. It is your responsibility to monitor your contact count and make sure your billing plan suits your organization's needs.

Plan limits

Plan Max.
Trial 500 5 100 MB
Free 50 1 100 MB
Personal 100 unlimited 2 GB
Group 250 unlimited 2 GB
Community 500 unlimited 2 GB
Professional 2,000 unlimited 2 GB
Network 5,000 unlimited 2 GB
Enterprise 15,000 unlimited 2 GB
Global 50,000 unlimited 2 GB

Excluded features 

Plan Excluded
Trial Custom domain
Free Online payments 
Custom domain 
Theme overrides
Site search gadget
Scheduled emails
Online store
Mobile apps
Personal none
Group none
Community none
Professional none
Network none
Enterprise none
Global none


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