How is the campaign price calculated?

When you set up a campaign, TNS estimates the campaign price. It just multiplies the price per message by the number of recipients with a phone number. So, you will see something like 105 x $0.04 = $4.20. However, this is just an estimate and not the final price.

When TNS processes your campaign, it downloads the list of recipients you selected. If you have modified the saved search criteria or updated contacts' data since the campaign price was initially estimated, then the list may contain a different number of recipients than what was used for the initial estimation.

Next, the system will examine each mobile number. If the number is invalid or not from the US or Canada, then the system will not try to send a message to it.

Next, the system will try to send the message. If recipients have opted out of receiving messages, the message will not be sent to those recipients.

Once the system has sent all messages, it calculates the final campaign price by multiplying the actual number of recipients by the price per message, then adds the final price to your next invoice.

One factor that can affect the campaign price is the message length. If your message exceeds the maximum length of SMS text messages, the system will split it into smaller chunks and then merge them back together on the recipient's phone. In this case, the campaign price will be higher since multiple message chunks are being sent, and each chunk counts as a separate message for billing purposes.

TNS will take the message length into account when estimating the campaign price, but the final message length may increase if it includes macros that are replaced with content that pushes the message length over the limit. 


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