Customizing donation forms

To add a donation form to your site, you insert a donation form gadget

The donation form displays all the donation fields you have set up, as well as an Amount system field. If the visitor viewing the donation form is not currently logged in, common fields will also appear on the form.

You can customize the donation form by adding, modifying, or deleting donation fields. You can use donation fields to allocate a donation to a specific fund or fundraising campaign, or collect information on your donors. You can set the Amount field to accept any amount and/or predefined amounts.

To manage your donation fields, click Donation fields under the Donations menu. 


From the screen that appears, you can modify existing donation fields and add new ones.


For instruction on creating and modifying donation fields, click here.

You can add a description to your donation form by inserting a content gadget ahead of the donation form gadget.


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